Join the fight for better air quality!

Build your own air quality sensor!

I suppose that, just like us, you are also disturbed by the state of the air we breathe. We keep hearing in the media about "low emissions" which is responsible for most of the dust that creates smog. But what is this mistirious "low emission" and how can we fight it?

Smog w LublinieSmog or mist? It's easy to find out.

Social awareness

We came to the conclusion that nothing can be done without raising the social awareness on this topic. Changes must start with education. It is a long and bumpy road. Burning poor quality fuels and trash, cutting out car's catalysts, old cars with diesel engines... We have the impression that there is a silent consent for such practices in society. How it happens that almost nobody protests, nobody pays attention. "It's not my problem" - we hear all the time.

The problem really exists!

We believe that you can see the problem and you will help us expand social awareness. Let's find a way to awaken human sensitivity. Together, we will fight for clean air for future generations. In cooperation with Code for Poland we created the Nettigo Air Monitor sensor to reliably measure the air condition in Poland. Thanks to this, we can precisely determine what we actually breathe in.

Do you remember the times when wearing the mask seemed like a huge abstraction?

Let's build it together

We give you a tool that allows you to measure the quality of the air you breathe. What's more, you will build it yourself. From the beginning to the end. It's nothing difficult, it's not magic, it's Citizen Science! NAM is the fruit of the work of many people. The project is based on achievements of Open Source and Open Hardware movements, it is and will always be an open solution, easy to replicate. With free documentation and code.

Now I see the invisible!

Freedom of choice

What is equally important, it is also up to you to decide what will you do with the data collected by your sensor. You can keep it only for yourself - and that's probably okay. But you can also share it with other users. The data can be used by ordinary people (www information panels, Sensor.Community maps, Kanarek app), research workers as part of ongoing projects, volunteers fighting for cleaner air, foundations and various initiatives. And that's freedom - an your choice :)

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