Brief introduction to Nettigo Air Monitor

A few words about Nettigo Air Monitor

NAM is an air quality monitoring system built using accurate laser NovaFitness SDS011 sensor. There are many sensors on the market, you are probably wondering what makes Nettigo Air Monitor special?

The project develops a community concept started by Sensor.Community ( The matter of clean air is very important to us and we would like to encourage and inspire others to take up the fight. For this reason, we are open from the very beginning - all the source code, firmware and hardware, technical documentation are released under open licenses. Schematics and and designs of every version can be found at This approach makes future modification, maintenance and development much simpler compared to commercial closed source projects.

Modular platform

NAM is much more than just a PM concentration sensor. You can connect a lot of additional sensors to it. In addition to the standard connectors for the dust sensor (SDS011) and the humidity and temperature sensor (DHT22), the motherboard has additional I2C bus connectors as well as every other pin of the main microcontroller. This allows you to connect many modules: temperature, pressure, humidity sensors (Bosch BMP280, BME280, Sensirion SHT30, SHT31, HTU21D, DS18B20), GPS receivers, RGB LEDs, LCD displays, CO2 sensors. And if that were not enough, the list of sensors, modules and extensions is constantly growing. We are planning, adding radioactivity sensor with a Geiger Muller tube, support for wind speed and direction sensors and noise level monitoring.

This is your data!

What irritates us in typical commercial constructions is the fact that not only do we have to pay dearly for the device, but also access to data and its interpreted form (graphs, maps, statistics) is associated with additional fees. We do not mind fees, after all, you have mouths to feed, but the inability to decide where, to which service and how the data is sent is in our opinion unacceptable.

This data is too valuable for Society to be sent to just one place. Our data is used by schools in computer science classes, research institutes as part of ongoing projects, and residents of areas where NAM sensors are installed. Such data can be sent to the convenient information panel and displayed on the screen in the office, school hallway or waiting room. What's more - this data can be used to control home automation - to tell the truth you are only limited by your imagination.

Firmware is open source and relatively easy to modify. Need a specific feature? Let us know at Code for Poland Forum - we will discuss your idea and maybe it will be added to Nettigo Air Monitor Firmware (NAMF).

Do It Yourself KIT

Nettigo Air Monitor in its current form is a DIY kit. Requires soldering and mechanical assembly. It's relatively easy to do, and what is important, it's well documented step by step with lots of photos. We prepared easy to follow manual. We believe most people can handle assembly proces without a problem. However, keep in mind that it will take some time. Depending on how well you do with the soldering iron and screwdriver, it will take from 1 to 3 hours.

If, like us, you love DIY, you will have a good time!

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