NAM HECA 0.3.3 - soldering

The following instructions apply to the Nettigo Air Monitor in versions 0.3.3 STD and 0.3.3 PRO. If you have a different version, see the Knowledge Base section for instructions. The general principle of soldering and assembly is common to all our sensors - but keep in mind that they differ in details.

HECA KIT 0.3.3 soldering

I assume the NAM motherboard is already soldered. So we will not repeat ourselves. You are probably already familiar with the list of the necessary tools, health and safety precautions and soldering methods. If not please take a look at our guide.

In this tutorial we have only covered the soldering process. Mechanical part is described in detail in the final assembly manual.

The four color cable with a wite plug should be soldered as shown in the picture.

  • Black - GND
  • Red - 3V3
  • White - SDA
  • Yellow - SCL

Next, solder two 10 cm power cables. Red to PTC connector, black to GND. The whole thing should look like on photo. Check again if the order of all cables is correct. This is a good time to cut off any wire ends that are sticking out from the other side.

Shorten the heater cables as shown in the photo. Strip the insulation from the long length of wires. This will help you with soldering. You can remove the black insulation practically to those brown tubes. We left a bit of black in the photo.

Pass the ends of the heating element cables through the holes of the PTC HE connector. Then pull them apart and solder them. Cut off the excess ends of the wires you have just soldered.

Your module should look like on the photo above. The HECA module is already soldered, but don't put the soldering iron down yet.

Next step, depending on kit version:

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