LCD display with WiFi

This instruction is for LCD 2.4" with touch for Wemos D1 Mini - soldering kit (PCB-1843 or KIT-1979)


Soldering is done. Now it's time to uplaod firmware. If You are familiar with programming then You can use PlatformIO and code from GitHub repository to compile and upload firmware.

But, since You are looking for instructions probably You want some procedure for non programmers, then do as follow.

You can use flashing tool for Nettigo Air Monitor. Connect display using USB cable, run flashing tool and in filed for firmware version instead to select from list past this URL:

Next press Upload button and wait till process finish.


After uploading You need to reset display. On display should show text and module is ready for configuration. Soon it should start broadcast WiFi network with SSID: AQI LCD. Connect to that network, Your browser should open config page, if not - navigate to

  • Thing name - this will be used as SSID if display will be not able to connect to WiFi, to let You reconfigure it.
  • AP password - password required to connect SSID above. This is not password to WiFi network You want to connect Your device. This password will be required on reconfiguration
  • WiFi SSID - select teh network You want the display to connect to
  • WiFi password - password fort that network
  • Sensor URL  depending on Sensor type it wil be URL to device page on or local IP 
  • Sensor type: 
    • this display is meant to fetch data from If Your sensor (NAM or SensorCommunity type) sends data to AQI, then You can use URL of device with data.json added (example: public URL for sensor: URL to fetch data:
    • local device If You don't use, then You can fetch data from sensor in local network (the same WiFi router). When this option is selected Sensor URL should be http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_SENSOR/data.json
  • Time zone offset - how many hours Your local time differs from UTC
  • Backligt time - how many seconds backlight should be active after a tap

If display does not connect to WiFi it will start AP again. You can boot it in that mode pressing RESET second time, when You see boot mesages.


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